Meet Mrs. Casey

Hello third graders!

I’m so excited to begin the 2018-2019 school year at White Oak Intermediate. This will be my 13th year teaching and I couldn’t be more ready to start our journey together. I absolutely LOVE math, but this was something that I developed later in life as an adult. So if you’re not there with me yet my wish for you is that by the end of the year you will also love, or at least appreciate, what math can do for you.

I am married to my husband Jason and we have two boys together. Tristen will be in seventh grade this year and Kadin will be in fourth grade. Our family has two dogs and three cats. All three of our cats are shelter pets and one of our dogs we adopted from some friends.

When we can,¬†our family enjoys camping and traveling. For the past few years, during the summer, we’ve camped (not “glamped”) in northwest Arkansas. It’s always a blast and we look forward to it each year. Where we camp at we are only about an hour away from Branson, Missouri. If you have never been there, there is so much to do and see. Each year we pick one day while we are camping and make the drive to Branson, it’s always a blast. This summer has been a pretty quiet one for us. We’ve had fun just relaxing and hanging out with friends and close family. Anywhere on a beach is my favorite place to be and I am looking forward to hearing about some of your favorites. Speaking of favorites here are some answers to frequently asked questions that I get from kids and their parents.

Color: Turquoise and lime green
Candy: Snickers, Reese’s, Sour Patch Watermelon
Drink: Coke Zero, White Chocolate Mocha
Places to Shop: Dressin’ Gaudy, Maurices, Dillard’s
Restaurants: Texas Roadhouse, Casa Ole, Red Lobster, Chick Fil A, Starbuck’s
Snacks: Trail Mix, fruit, wheat thins
Things I collect: dragonfly stuff, sugar skulls, anything with cats =)
I enjoy: going to the movies with the kids, shopping, manicures and pedicures =0

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