January 7 – 11


3.5B(R) – Represent and solve one and two-step multiplication and division problems within 100 using arrays, strip diagrams, and equations
3.5C(S) – Describe a multiplication expression as a comparison such as 3 x 24 represents 3 times as much as 24
3.5D9(S) – Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers when the known is either a missing factor or product
3.8B – Describe and illustrate the Sun as a star composed of gases that provides light and thermal energy.
3.8C – Construct models that demonstrate the Sun, Earth and moon including orbits and positions.
3.8D – Identify the planets in Earth solar system and their position in relation to the Sun.

Homework: Study multiplication facts and record on log. Logs will be checked Friday. Please have a minimum of 3 nights of practice!

Classroom Reminders: The Mad Minute quiz will be on Friday this week due to benchmark testing Wednesday (math) and Thursday (reading).

Upcoming Events:
January 9- Math Benchmark
January 10- Reading Benchmark, Report Cards go home
January 21- Holiday
January 23- Early Release 12:00

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