December 10 – 14


3.4J(S)- determine a quotient using the relationship between multiplication and division
3.4K(R)- solve one-step and two-step problems involving multiplication and division within 100 using strategies based on objects; pictorial models, including arrays, area models, and equal groups; properties of operations; or recall of facts
3.8A(R) – summarize a data set with multiple categories using a frequency table, dot plot, pictograph, or bar graph with scaled intervals
3.8B (S) – solve one- and two-step problems using categorical data represented with a frequency table, dot plot, pictograph, or bar graph with scaled intervals

3.1B- Make informed choices in the use and conservation of natural resources by recycling or reusing materials such as paper, aluminum cans, and plastics.
3.7C- Explore the characteristics of natural resources that make them useful in products and materials such as clothing and furniture and how resources may be conserved.

Homework: Study multiplication facts and record on log. Students who do not have 3 or more nights recorded on the Fact Log will miss recess Friday for additional practice.

Classroom Reminders: Mad Minute quiz Thursday (over 7’s and review), fact log check Friday

Upcoming Events:
December 17- Wear a Christmas shirt or Christmas colors
December 18- Wear a Christmas hat
December 19- Wear Christmas socks
December 20- Classroom Parties 9:00-10:00 (you can leave after party), Early Release 12:00
December 21-January 6- No School
January 9- Math Benchmark
January 10- Reading Benchmark, Report Cards go home
January 21- Holiday
January 23- Early Release 12:00

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