November 12-16


3.4D(S)- determine the total number of objects when equally-sized groups of objects are combined or arranged in arrays up to 10 by 10
3.4E(S)- represent multiplication facts by using a variety of approaches such as repeated addition, equal-sized groups, arrays, area models, equal jumps on a number line, and skip counting
3.4F(S)- recall facts to multiply up to 10 by 10 with automaticity and recall the corresponding division facts

3.6A- Explore different forms of energy, including mechanical, light, sound, and heat/thermal in everyday life.

Homework: Study multiplication facts and record on log. Students who do not have 3 or more nights recorded on the Fact Log will miss recess Friday for additional practice.

Classroom Reminders: Mad Minute quiz Thursday (over 4’s), fact log check Friday

Upcoming Events:
November 14- Big Kahuna Party Bus
November 15- Fundraiser Delivery, Picture Retakes
November 19-23- Thanksgiving Break
November 29- Progress Reports

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